do you still have your polaroid camera? where do you store your polaroids from the early ’80s? yours don’t seem to have faded (“rich colours”). polaroid 3 of the masami series is album-cover worthy (hope masami sees these). is he holding a photo you took? is “gentlemen take polaroids” in ref to you or did all of you have polaroid cameras at the time or — ?

I do still have a Polaroid Land Camera. The film stands up well over time as long as they’re not in direct sunlight. Mine have been stored away which means there’s been no noticeable fading. Masami is holding a previously taken Polaroid in Polaroid 3. Both David & I had Polaroid cameras but I guess the album title would have simply been a collection of words to romanticise the concept rather than any direct reference. I’ve no idea what that song is about.

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