Hello, Steve. It is I, a boy also named Steve. I was wondering, if you had an electronic drum set or a live drum set, which would you choose? I’m trying to make the decision myself but it’s really hard

It really depends upon the music and the amount of noise you want to make. Generally speaking an acoustic kit is the way to go because it’s a million times more expressive, but sometimes electronic kits can be a practical option. If you’re playing techno music you’ll feel more justified in opting for an electronic kit.

Steve!listening to the monitor mix of methods got me thinking there could be a good market for your remixes of classic Japan tracks. Have you ever considered this if you could get virgins permission.I believe there would be a market judging by interest on the tumblr site. Thanks.

That particular boat sailed long ago due to the multi-tracks being poorly stored in a damp basement alongside the Grand Union Canal in the Virgin building on the Harrow Road …. allegedly.

Enquiring minds (who are tumblr-less) were wondering about the marimba part in Methods of Dance….”It sounds, to me anyway, very much like six marimbas by Steve Reich. I wonder if the band were aware of the piece?” Does it? And were you?

Good spotting. I had a few Steve Reich albums (music for 18 musicians was one of my favourites). When I came up with the marimba line on Methods Of Dance I wasn’t aware of it sounding like Mr Reich’s work (or if I was I’ve conveniently forgotten), but it was an appealing instrument sonically and being percussive added another element to the sequencing nature of the synth line as well as a melody line. There are repeats on the marimba so I played each line only once and it repeated automatically – obviously the timing of the playing is then pretty crucial for the repeats to stay in sync and that’ll be why I was nominated for the job initially.