I love the new reworking of last album all 55.47 minutes of it and it’s seem quite incredible to have made it so seamlessly. It’s wonderful how it moves from the new to the familiar pieces which act, for me, as touch stones to the original songs and music. Could you say a little on how ‘The Extinct Suite’ came about? Did you have it in mind during the the writing/recording of ‘Tender Extinction’? With some of the songs I can clearly hear your voice singing them (in my head that is), did you record any versions of those with you singing? One of the things I’ve always wanted since being introduced to instrumental music by Japan (those ‘B’ sides), JBK, Jansen & Barbieri etc. (‘Worlds in a Small Room’ springs to mind), was to have long pieces of music with the occasional song coming in now and then but not forced. The closest I’ve heard is Górecki’s Symphony no.3 ‘Sorrowful Songs’ beautiful and haunting but the ‘song’ is more prevalent. I almost have this with The Extinct Suite (again in my head), do you fancy making it a reality and bring this and the vocals of the ‘Tender Extinction’ recordings together? :)

Thank you for the nice comments. As it happens Górecki’s Symphony no.3 ‘Sorrowful Songs’ is one of my favourite pieces of music (along with Mahler’s Adagietto from Symphony no. 5) so to hear any comparison is quite the compliment.

The idea of making ‘Tender Extinction’ as an instrumental piece was looming during the mixing stages but I felt the need to write additional pieces to make it more cohesive. I didn’t record my own vocal versions of all the songs …. I think a second reworking of ‘Tender Extinction’ might be pushing things right now however the suggestion is much appreciated.

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