Hello Steve, My apologies if you’ve been asked this before. Your precise but highly creative approach to rhythmic composition has always strongly appealed. Even now, listening to Japan’s cover of ‘Ain’t That Peculiar’ deceives me as much as when I first heard it. At several points in the recording, I find myself questioning where the ‘one’ is. I’m not sure if you perceive the same rhythmic illusion that I do, but can you recall if it was an effect you set out to achieve? Many thanks.

It’s in straight 4/4  and the 1 is as ever on the 1, however the bass drum and snare emphasise the ‘and’ (8th notes) on 1 and 3, so you are probably slipping into perceiving the 1 on the ‘and’. There’s also a BD on the (6th) 16th beat which adds to the illusion of a triplet rhythm if you’re thinking that the Tom on the (3rd) 16th is the downbeat, which might confuse things further.

Yeah I know, none of that helps really … how about a diagram? Probably doesn’t either. I don’t know, it makes sense in my head but being self-taught doesn’t equip you with the appropriate tools for teaching. I’ll bet Gavin Harrison could elucidate this matter in no time 🙂