Hi Steve, I’ve finally gotten around to watching House of Cards and love/hate Kevin Spacey’s character. I assume you know where I’m going now? Ringtone! I decided I needed it and I was surprised and pleased that you’d composed it. I wanted it for my iPhone and checked on iTunes but it’s not there. Was it exclusively for Blackberry? Is there any way of buying that ringtone without buying a Blackberry? I have your 3 on iTunes, lovely pieces of music in their own right. Thanks, Shane

Thanks. It was exclusive for BB. I’m sure you can grab it from somewhere …or record it out of your laptop from some online source and convert it into an mp3 for your device and make it your ringtone.

Hi Steve, Your striking surreal Mick Karn print is a talking point for anyone who sees it. Mick had books on Dada, developing surrealist art. You write of the role of instinct in your music; Mick quotes Pirandello that ‘none of us can estimate what we do when we do it from instinct’. What attracted you both to surrealism? How significant is the role of the unconscious in your work? Do you see still your music and photography as reconciling your dreams with your rational life? Thank you.

I’m not particularly aligned with surrealism, certainly not in so far as imagery is concerned.

Being in a position to follow my instincts creatively is valuable to me personally because its unpredictability keeps me motivated, but in terms of significance, without monitoring such things, I’ve no idea of the proportionality between instinctive and conscious, and to monitor would effectively negate the exercise. I don’t feel it’s important to know. I would point out that I don’t consider instinct to be unconscious, it’s deeply conscious in fact, without being so observable.

I’m not aware of ever stating that creativity reconciles dreams with rational life. I don’t really know what rational life means or why we would need to create a divide between being rational and being inspired.