In JAPAN it seems clear from both what you’ve said and what Mick’s said that the majority of the time songs emerged from improvisation or jams (Mick wrote that he despised the word jam) but in the case of David’s solo work, post ‘Brilliant Trees’, which I remember reading David said was mostly jams-into-songs, say, a song like ‘Wave’, a song that to my ears sounds like song-first-jam-later, was it built that way? Yet its beat sounds like it started with you and so the familiar method continues?

I’ve never stated that JAPAN’s songs emerged from jams. The songs were almost entirely written by David, as in lyrics, vocals melodies and chord structures. The musical arrangements by the band then took those songs to another level, creating the band’s unique sound.

Steve, I was interested to see the pic of Richard and Mick in Fowey, 1981. Can I ask if you were there for recording? I’m guessing at the Old Sawmills? Would love to know the background to the photo as Fowey remains a favourite place of mine.

We’d set out on a UK tour and after a long drive took time for a walk down to the harbour. I can’t for the life of me understand now why we went together as it was a tour that very nearly didn’t happen due to internal wrangling.