Hi Steve – just a thought; if you have any posters from your 1983 photographic exhibition lying around, you should flog them on ebay – one is currently going for £53!! :-) Are you surprised by the amount of interest there still is in Japan-related memorabilia? x

I forgot there even was a poster. I don’t have any myself but maybe there are a stash of them lying around in someone’s attic. Mother dear? I guess memorabilia is always going to appeal to people as they grow older and reminisce about their youthful experiences. And then there’s the avid collector who finds it difficult not to indulge. Can’t say I’ve ever been tempted myself although I did purchase various 60’s toys for my son so that I could indulge vicariously.

Hiya Steve, do you follow the work of any other photographers in particular? What do you think of Anton Corbijn’s photographs? And another quick question, I dont know if you agree with me but I’ve come to realise that sometimes the buzz of actually taking the photograph is more thrilling than seeing what you get at the end of it. Do you ever feel the same way?

I used to feel that way with the thrill of using a nice camera and knowing I’d have to wait until the negs were processed. Each shot taken was a kind of mini investment into the future and I’d look forward to having the option of reliving it at a later date with hope that I’d captured something special. A part of the issue with digital photography is that it’s lost some of it’s romanticism by being so instant and disposable, and as such, the act of taking a photograph is a somewhat lessened experience, even though digital can provide a more consistent output.