Steve, bowie was a big influence in your early days. What do you think of his comeback album “the next day”?

Bowie continues to engage his audience through his own creative persona, rather than as a celebrity, and I have nothing but admiration for that. I can’t bear seeing ‘pop-stars’ spreading themselves thin in various forms of entertainment (I use the term lightly). I’ve not heard the last album fully but it’s good to know he is still able to produce a very popular work by following his own, unique instincts. My own personal taste in production values steer me towards less mainstream arrangements so I might only require a few listens, but that’s not to say I don’t find it highly commendable.

Hello Steve, great to see your amazing photos and videos – they add another dimension of appreciation to the wonderful music you have been a part in creating. Really enjoying the candid nature of some of the shots. Just wondering if you did any ‘selfies’ that you care to post as you are missing in action!

This is as close as it gets to a selfie … using a timer, camera placed on the desk. Recording The Art Of Parties / Life Without Buildings at Basing Street studios in West London. I remember this being a very productive few days with all in good spirits.

Hi Steve. I hope you don’t mind these questions. I wanted to ask you about keyboard parts on your tracks. I know you played life moves on as per slope sleeve notes over two recordings separated by years.I recently downloaded “let go” and presumed you played played the piano parts and was it acoustic (sounds like it) or soft synths? Also was this recorded in your own studio or elsewhere.You seem to have quite an affinity with keyboards.

I wrote ‘Let Go’ on my acoustic upright piano but recorded it using a virtual instrument (True Keys) in my studio.