At the beginning of ‘Big Wheels In Shanty Town’ it sounds like someone saying, “Peace … through culture.” Is that what the voice is saying and who is saying it?

It is exactly that, but I don’t recall¬†who the voice belongs to. It was one of David’s selections I believe. I was responsible for combining the German phrase sequence from a short wave radio recording, I’ve no idea what she’s saying – perhaps it’s the German shipping forecast, someone out there must know. Other voice appearances are from Gregory Peck (‘who gives a damn’) and Oliver Hardy (‘so far, so good’). The working title for this track was ‘Indoor Fireworks’ – no idea why … perhaps some of Richard’s fizzing keyboard sounds.

Hi Steve. I really like the new ambient track you released via bandcamp this week. Just curious as to what STER refers to? (3 parts Steve to 1 part Richard perhaps? ūüėä)

STER was a working title I was using, an acronym which¬†stands for:¬†‘Sounds That Emit Randomly’, and¬†when spoken¬†sounds like ‘stir’ which gives it a secondary¬†dimension as we all live¬†with ambient¬†noise¬†stirring in the background. I want¬†to explore a type of harmony¬†that can exist¬†within a blend of¬†ambience, dissonance, minimal musicality and¬†repetition but in a random, unconstructed format. There are many out there doing this already but I feel¬†we all have our own take on it as¬†there’s a level of composition involved even though it’s less perceivable than normal.