Hi Steve,I know you have always used mac pc,question is do you use an iPad at all and if so have you found any professional uses for it either visual or audio. Thanks Ross.

I’ve used a Mac since the mid eighties when the MacSE was released with a whopping 128k built-in and would only start-up from a floppy disc – yet it cost more than a MacBookPro does today which is even more shocking when you consider it’s old money. Unbelievably limited, and yet it worked fine for midi recording. Most people were wondering why I wasn’t going with the industry standard at the time (Atari) but I somehow felt there was something more special in the Mac build. I’ve wanted to find an excuse for an iPad purchase but have yet to do so. It’s a lovely machine though. I was tempted when I started playing 8Ball on my son’s iPad but that wasn’t enough to make me invest. I’m not a fan of touch screen typing … I do like to feel (and hear) those buttons … and to type ‘blind’, so the same goes for the iPhone, (which is why I’m still using a Blackberry). I think there are some great apps though, but none that I need.

hello Steve. I’ve always wanted to ask you about your drums/perc setup for Words with the Shaman as those are among the strangest and most evocative drum sounds and patterns I’ve heard. would you care to recount what materials you used for drums, hihat, sticks etc. as they sound nothing like a conventional kit? any particular memory from composing/recording that suite? I hope you appreciate asking this. thanks for everything so far and best for the future. Max

I remember it was an amalgamation of all kinds of percussion as well as a regular drum kit. It was recoded piecemeal which perhaps explains why the pattens sound less commonplace. The main rhythm pattern from part 1 and into part 2 was played with fingers on a large drum, extremely close mic’d. In part 2 the high end sounds are wire brushes on metal objects, (probably chinese cymbals stacked on the floor) and that’s a regular snare drum that has the snare (snap) off. Part 3 incorporates log drums and cymbals. I don’t have a particular memory from recording those tracks except that I spent a lot of time exploring ideas on my knees!

hi steve, sorry to bother you again but i had another question. do you have any music recommendations or anyone in particular you’ve been listening to lately? thanks, katie

my son Jude has brainwashed me with the looping world of Monster Rally, but then I’m old enough to remember when the vinyl would get stuck … it’s more of a novelty to his young ears. it’s easy listening. My respect goes to Jannis Noya Makrigiannis (Choir Of Young Believers) for the track ‘Hollow Talk’.

Hi Steve! I’m a big fan of all your work and I’m so glad to find you now on this network. I saw many photo shoots of you in japanese magazines of the past years (like Viva Rock) and I was thinking that you should’ve dedicated to be a model! You never thought being a model, besides music and photography? I hope I haven’t been very bold with my question… kisses and greetings from Mexico. Val :)

Hi Val. Thanks for your comments. I must confess I didn’t feel like model material and have never enjoyed being in front of the camera (despite the amount of photographs that appear to be out there … partially attributed, I suspect, to the Japanese love of imagery). I think you have to have a certain confidence to present yourself as a model, which I certainly didn’t possess. Is it too late now? 🙂 

Steve, thanks so much for responding on Brilliant Trees – I can’t believe your negatives were lost! Thanks also for posting the excellent image of Holger. Your video footage sounds intriguing. I guess for those of us who have loved the recordings that you have been involved in for many years, a glimpse of the environment from which the recorded output was borne is a fascinating insight indeed. David

There weren’t so many interior images from the studio recording sessions, mostly exteriors around the Berlin wall. Here’s another scan of Holger from the contact sheet. Movie footage is insightful, if only into how much sitting around listening goes on.