Hey Steve — I love your work, though I have only been a fan for a year or so. I still have much catching up to do on material. … I’m sure you would prefer a much more interesting question than what I will proceed to ask: do you still own all of the clothes that you wore during your Japan days?

No I don’t have anything from those days, I must have dumped them along the way. All I seem to have is a suit made by Yukihiro Takahashi for his then fashion label ‘Bricks Mono’ which I wore on his first solo tour in ’82. My son currently wears it in 6th form school.

Hi Steve The highly successful platinum – Annie Lennox “Diva” album – saw your involvement as drum programmer – how did that come about? Would that of been drum machine or samples ? do you recall what tracks you worked on ? I believe that album produced five hit singles. V Best

I worked on ‘Why’ and the contact was Steve Lipson from the Propaganda work (I think).  I programmed my own drum samples and percussion. My ‘version’ had a closer feel to ‘Blackwater’ (RTC) in terms of presence and intimacy but the final mix is kind of more rhythmically bland, but maybe that’s what it takes to create a global hit.

There’s a soft, watercolour beauty to “And Birds Sing All Night” where it feels as though near ineffable moods are being painted in real-time. How much was this track framed improvisation?

Ok I answered this previously but had the wrong song in mind (‘Birds Sing For Their Lives’ … guess I was still in Nine Horses mode). This track wasn’t improvised apart from the flute and guitar treatments, everything else was structured around the chord sequence.