Hi Steve. I understand there isn`t a studio recording of the track `Wasn`t I Joe ? ` which you performed with David on his Blemish tour. I wondered if you could recall how that track came to being ? Was it your music , David`s lyrics ….. the other way round ? , or a complete collaboration ?. With it being co-written by yourself , have you ever considered using the piece on your solo work or indeed, reworking the piece in the studio ?

We co-wrote the music for that song together during the rehearsals for the ‘Blemish’ tour. It was essentially a backing track allowing us to perform over it. I think it’s right that it only exists live for that tour as it was in the mood of ‘Blemish’ as far as David’s vocal part is concerned and sits well within that context.

I believe these photos were taken by Keith Lowe when making the Nine Horses album in the US (samadhisound studios) but this is also where we rehearsed for the Blemish tour.

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