Though our tastes refine through the years, I’ve often wondered, especially after having just finished Mick’s book. Do you ever, either for nostalgic purposes or not, still desire to throw on a New York Dolls or Alice Cooper record and listen to it? Clearly this isn’t the most mature question compared to those on here, I was just curious. And if you choose not to answer, I understand. My question is more based on how much an artist still reflects and waxes nostalgia upon the music that influenced them in their formative years.

There are rare occasions when I will listen to music that I grew up with, perhaps it’ll be on a playlist in the car or something like that. One doesn’t have to physically dig out records anymore so sometimes the thought of listening to a random album track you haven’t heard for decades does happen. And occasionally you hear things that you know directly influenced you in some way but had completely forgotten about.