Hi Steve. I noticed recently you`re credited as `Drum programmer` on Annie Lennox ` DIVA album. Would it be possible to explain to this non muso what that entailed exactly, please ? I suppose i`m curious as to why, having programmed the drums, you didn`t play them, or likewise why the drummer used , didn`t program his own stuff. Kindest regards Craig

Hi Craig. Annie invited me to listen to a new track she was working on at her home studio in her attic space which I believe wasn’t really set-up to record drums. She sang a guide vocal on it and we discussed what sort of thing was required. Since programming had become a fairly common practice by that time I took the track away and programmed something up in my own recording space. I actually used some of the same samples that I’d made for ‘Blackwater’, Rain Tree Crow, (which was also programmed, that’s another story). I think I drove my neighbours a bit nuts at the time as my place was being refurbished and there was no sound insulation. I had a few complaints. The track was called ‘Why’ and that explains why there are no drummers performing on it. I think the neighbours heard it a lot more after that.