Hi Steve I just wanted to ask you if you have any advise for starting a band at a young age or just starting a band in general???

You should follow your instincts really. It’s not easy to find people on the same wavelength but it helps considerably if you are, then as a band you’ll have more chance of developing rather that taking back-steps to fall in line, or possibly substitute someone. Once you’re a strong unit anything’s possible. And explore your musicality, don’t let form dictate – go where others don’t.

What was the effect on the snare, especially, and bass drum in ‘Red Guitar’ or was that a machine? Would you say something similar was used on the snare of the Gary Numan track called ‘Replicas’ (assuming you’ve heard the track and assuming that it’s a drum kit there as well)?

Red Guitar snare was recorded in a stone stairwell at Hansa Studios, Berlin. The reverb created by the snare in the stairwell was then fed through a Leslie Hammond organ rotary speaker which spins, giving a stereo effect. This was added to the snare sound to create what you can hear, a sort of breathy modulation (the fact that the snare spring was not applied to the snare helps to create a more smooth, rounded sound). Listening to the GN track you mentioned (which I’ve not heard before and I can see why you would ask) I think the snare processing is different – perhaps a flanger of some kind which makes a more synthetic sound suitable for his material – (the snare spring applied gives it a more metallic edge too), and it does sound performed rather than a machine. But… ask him.

So there’s some news emerging from Sweden that you are involved in a new collaborative project with Thomas Feiner and others. How is it going? What role are you playing in the work?

News has been posted on my official facebook page. We are collaborating compositionally and as musicians. These guys are all very talented at what they do so I’m in great company. I have contributed lyrics for Thomas’ lead vocals and have also added some backing vocals. I’m sure we will explore one another’s ideas and contributions to the full over the coming months.