Hi Steve, I’ve been enjoying ‘Slope’ afresh recently. I’ve only just noticed from the credits that the strings were performed by the Bratislava movie orchestra in Slovakia. How did it come about that this orchestra was used? Did you oversee the sessions in Slovakia? Thanks again for this album, I’m still discovering new treasures in the expanded edition and love the live recording too.

This came about thanks to Thomas Feiner who had his own session booked with the orchestra and combined this with a session for ‘Sow The Salt’ which was scored and conducted by Ingo Frenzel. I was not able to be present at the recording but it was an opportunity not to be missed and I was very pleased with the end result. When I made the remix of the ‘Sow The Salt’ (Alternative Version – included in the 2013 Deluxe release) I made more of a feature of the orchestra.

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