With all this upheaval in Zimbabwe in the news lately, did the Japan track ‘…. Rhodesia’ cross your mind … ? Have you ever listened to the Miles Davis track ‘Zimbabwe’ from Pangaea ? I found myself listening to both ‘… Rhodesia’ and ‘Zimbabwe’ the other day . Are you familiar with the drumming of Al Foster ? Foster’s drumming on that track seems like either a Jazz person playing Rock within the parameters of Funk … or a Rock person playing Funk within the parameters of Jazz and thus exploding all three categories . In my opinion . Lastly, there is the Bob Marley & The Wailers track called ‘Zimbabwe’ released a year after the release of ‘… Rhodesia’. Is there any Reggae or Ska tracks that have been source/s of inspiration or, barring that, good-times listening ?

Foster is rocking on ‘Zimbabwe’ for the most part but with a lovely light Jazz player’s touch, can’t say that I hear funk in the rhythm section despite all the wah-wah guitar.

Big Youth was big in my youth, as well as Bob Marley.

‘Rhodesia’ doesn’t hold any real political relevance … more a case of spurting soundbites (we have reggae/funk on that one, clavinet even!).

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