You’ve mentioned Johnny Thunders & The Blackhearts – ‘Chinese Rocks’ as being a favourite track at one time, and listening to it as well as Television tracks give the first two Japan LP’s a new perspective on how to hear them. ‘In Vogue’ stands out from the rest of ‘Quiet Life’, is a distillation of later Japan style and one you said, here, was your favourite Japan song. Was there anything musically or otherwise from your perspective that catalyzed the change from what was created before to ‘In Vogue’ ?

There were probably a variety of different musical influences from each musician’s perspective, and obviously I didn’t write the song therefore I’m not in a position to say what influenced the compositional content but for me personally the overriding association I have with that particular track is the album Manifesto by Roxy Music which was released in March 1979. Quiet Life was released in December 1979.  Manifesto was something of a musical backdrop throughout the writing/recording of Quiet Life.

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