Hi Steve, just wondered if you would care to share with us “fans” your favourite 10 songs of all time. I know they may change from day to day but songs that left a real impression. Could I also ask do you have a particular favourite artist you have worked with over the years aside from your ex Japan members of course, or a recollection of such (propaganda, annie lennox, alice, john foxx etc). Thanks in advance…it’s fair to say im a “fan”!!! :-)

I couldn’t possibly go into the top 10, I find those sorts of ‘favourite’ questions impossible to answer as it would require hours of serious contemplation. Favourite collaboration for sheer level of fun would have to be with Yukihiro Takahashi. Particularly the ’82 tour. First working with Masami Tsuchiya here on the wonderfully bizarre piece by Hajime Tachinbaba – ‘H’. Yukihiro and I are playing dual drums and very nearly bordered on duelling drum solos (after Masami’s solo around 2:30). If you compare this with the sort of mannered performances of JAPAN et al you can perhaps see why it’s different (and rare) for me to be involved in this type of show and therefore have fond memories of it.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, some of the most intricate live performances that seemed to hang by a thread every evening, the arrangements were that delicately poised, were with Anja Garbarek around the time of her Smiling & Waving album release in 2001.

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