Hi Steve, being a drummer myself, I’ve always felt really amazed by your drumming, your unique beats and rhythmic constructions for songs. Have you ever practised on a regular basis? Any favourite drum books? And any posture problems due to playing drums, ever? Lots of respect and admiration here. Your drumming has always inspired me. Best regards, all the way from Brazil. Edu

Thanks very much for the compliment.  I used to play virtually every day when I first started out, not so much practicing drums as such, more playing within the band and coming up with patterns. I didn’t have access to any drum books so it was a case of listening or watching and figuring out how things were done. I guess I compromised on technique by jumping straight into things in that way and then adapted my abilities accordingly. I don’t think I’ve had any posture issues due to drumming, (perhaps I would have had I not started using drum stools with back support), but I never had great posture to begin with.

In rehearsals 2001 (photo by I. Chavez)

Steve Jansen rehearsal 2001

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