After 40 years in the music business what is your biggest regret, and if you hadn’t “drummed” for your supper what do you think you would have done?

Music was the only option, never had a Plan-B. When David and I started playing guitars I think we were both totally elevated by it, the exciting realisation that you didn’t have to just listen to other people making music. Switching to percussion gave the two of us a more dynamic sound and forming a band was the natural progression. I never questioned my role as drummer in JAPAN but it was the tip of the iceberg for me creatively. I’ve no idea what alternative path might have been although by my mid twenties I felt I would have suited working in cinematography.

Haha regrets, I’ve had a few. Perhaps the biggest would be never having helped poor Napier-Bell manage our earnings in his offshore account. With all the pressure he wasn’t even able to submit any figures to us, poor chap. What a burden. I just hope he managed to make a little pocket money for himself along the way.

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