This is my fourth or fifth listen to “The Extinct Suite” and — starting at 5:16 mark and continuing through to approximately 6:34 — there is a sense of Mick Karn’s musical perspective, somehow. It’s perhaps because the track that (I think that) it’s based on, “Her Distance,” has certain elements brought further forward here and the absence of the vocals makes those elements more apparent, a kind of “cosmic sorrow” that MK sometimes tapped into, especially at certain places, certain moments in “Each Eye A Path”. Seem daft or can you hear it?

I’m not sure I can recall orchestral arrangements on ‘Each Eye A Path’ as I’ve not listened to that album since mixing it, which is fairly normal practice because in the process of working on an album you hear it a phenomenal amount of times, more than you’d ever do for any normal listening pleasure. I might suggest though that the clarinet which appears just prior to the section you’ve mentioned may be the trigger for thinking this as it was an instrument Mick played and often featured on his work. He taught me some useful basics, such as playing ‘Stranger On The Shore’ by Acker Bilk !!