Hi Steve, I found your work and Japan’s work a couple of months ago. It was by chance (serendipity if you will) and I am very happy that I came across it. Anyway, I have a few questions. What artists are you into at the moment? Any specific songs you recommend? Also, I am interested in the fact that you admire desert landscapes (I live in California). Would you ever want to compose a book of photos of the Southwest? I would absolutely purchase it! All the best. Hugs from CA!

I don’t tend to listen to much music in my spare time due to the fact that it’s ‘work’ and I prefer to detach myself from it, except perhaps when driving in which case I prefer to listen to instrumental music that isn’t too demanding. A favourite I keep returning to is ‘Music For The Young & The Restless’ by Jeremy Dower (despite being the antithesis of young and restless). And I’ve recently received a copy of a new album by Shuta Hasunuma & U-zhaan, (Shuta was one of the collaborators last year on the ‘Music For A Dying Star’ project that I took part in) titled ‘2 Tone’, which is a nice mix of styles but predominantly using modular synths and featuring various contributors. There are some nice films on Vimeo accompanying some of the tracks.

Desert landscapes are incredible at making you feel connected and at the same time powerfully insignificant. Certainly puts things in perspective. I think these landscapes have already been documented so well over the decades but are still an inspiration to behold.

father & son road trip USA summer of 2013