hi steve! what is your favourite memory of you and david playing music together as young boys? do you have any advice for young muscians from lessons you learnt along the way?

Whether you learn an instrument methodically or end up playing in a band and learning ‘on-the-fly’ (I was the latter) the lesson I learnt was to have self-belief and to try to develop a style that wasn’t limited by lack of technique (a more studious player might fall into the trappings of being buried by technique). Playing an instrument is an opportunity to convey expression and it’s always worthwhile aiming for that.

I don’t have particularly fond memories of playing music as young boys, it was one long learning curve, although it didn’t seem so bad at the time, because until you’ve reached a better level you optimistically believe things are going in the right direction and are spurred on regardless. Probably at around 20 years old I settled in and started to have some idea of what I wanted to achieve as a musician.

(Outside The Music Machine – photo by Günther Rakete, 1978)

Japan outside The Music Machine, Camden

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