Steve, is there any chance of a live performance of Tender Extinction in Japan in the same way you did Slope? You have mentioned previously the different resources available in Japan versus Europe. Slope live was a delight. It would be great to think we could hear the latest album in the same way. Or, am I being a dreamer! Anyway, here’s hoping! Thanks

I live in hope too … my agent in Japan is allegedly seeking opportunities for live performance over there. There was recently an offer of a show at the Blue Note, Tokyo but it’s a small jazz venue and unsuitable for the kind of music I’d be performing as well as the atmosphere I’d want to create. For me it’s not just about the players performing on stage, it’s also about bringing together sound and visuals, more akin to going to the movies than a live show.

There are discussions for a UK performance next year but it’s too early to confirm whether or not it’ll happen. I rarely preempt unconfirmed events with speculative news items, I feel it’s better to make an announcement if and when things are confirmed and past the point of no return.

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