hey steve!! i’m 16 and i’ve been drumming for about two years now. i’ve been wondering if you play matched or traditional grip usually? i don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but i’m left handed and i find traditional a lot easier to play. (i also found guitar to be ridiculously frustrating to do.) also, out of all the albums you’ve worked on with japan, which one was the most fun to record, and which was the best-sounding to you? personally, i love the sound of the percussion on tin drum. thank you so much!! (also sorry if you’ve gotten these questions a billion times before. your new album is spectacular by the way!!)

I use matched grip and my set-up is right-handed despite being primarily left-handed. Overall I personally find traditional grip to be too restrictive and unintuitive however many of the worlds best drummers prove that not to be the case. I think it’s about adapting to what’s most comfortable as a player.

In answer to the second question, Tin Drum probably contained the most explorative strategies within the confines of ‘pop’ and therefore enjoyable for me as a drummer in the studio. Much of the material was heavily structured around the rhythm section at the point of conception and therefore dictated the integration of musical arrangements to a large degree and was uniquely challenging to us all at the time. Sonically speaking though I think my choice would be Rain Tree Crow as the recording and mixing techniques were more natural (less effected) and creates a more intimate and visceral sound.

Thanks for rating the new album!

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