genuine Polaroids that I took for insurance purposes after damaging my left hand during the Sylvian world tour of ’88 causing some shows to be cancelled. To those who had tickets I can but apologise and attempt to draw sympathy by revealing the extent of damage. In consolation though, we now have an aesthetically interesting and somewhat gruesome pair of Polaroids hanging here on a virtual gallery wall, so it wasn’t all negative.


17 thoughts on “insurance

  1. I missed seeing you in Brighton because of that injury. Looks painful! I did though get to one of the Hammersmith dates. I loved that tour, I always enjoy seeing you play those so familiar drum parts live.

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    1. Put it this way, when you’ve just been beating the hell out of things with sticks for the last couple of hours and someone says the wrong thing in the wrong kind of way while you’ve got a fragile glass in your hand you might possibly misjudge things a little …

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  2. Looks really nasty. I don’t feel so gutted about missing the Poole date now, which was cancelled at the time. Had to wait another four years to see David live though fir the first time, which was excruciating at that age!


  3. Missed the Cardiff show, so gutted- went to see trains, planes and automobiles at the cinema instead. Haven’t seen either of you (any of you) ever. Secrets of the Beehive is possibly my favourite, no it’s Polaroids, no it’s quiet life, no it’s nine horses, no it’s slope, no it’s tin drum….and so on – mountains. Thanks to you, Mick, Rob, David and Richard for truly great art.

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