Hi Steve I just wanted to ask you if you have any advise for starting a band at a young age or just starting a band in general???

You should follow your instincts really. It’s not easy to find people on the same wavelength but it helps considerably if you are, then as a band you’ll have more chance of developing rather that taking back-steps to fall in line, or possibly substitute someone. Once you’re a strong unit anything’s possible. And explore your musicality, don’t let form dictate – go where others don’t.

2 thoughts on “Hi Steve I just wanted to ask you if you have any advise for starting a band at a young age or just starting a band in general???

  1. Do you ever get tired of answering questions about being part of japan… considering you split up mid 80 ,s also when you reformed why rain tree crow and not japan?? Still love my nostalgia nights playing my japan vynl xxx


    1. The name change was something of a statement. We’d very much disconnected from our former incarnation in just about every way possible, so to use the same name would evoke a bit of a misconception. Our reforming was seen more as a second chance to do something new together as opposed to reviving any past glory, which is often the incentive behind reformations.

      I understand people’s curiosities about Japan, whether you’re old enough to have lived through that period or young enough to see it as an evocative time in music/fashion, if I have answers to those curiosities it’s no problem for me to share them. It’s sometimes therapeutic in the way that I imagine writing an autobiography could be (that was partially my reason for contributing to the recent biography on Japan by Anthony Reynolds). Working together as a group during those times, there wasn’t a platform for each individual’s perspective to be heard, so what’s out there historically in the press rarely comes from myself. It seems that books can still be written on the subject and for me, answering people’s curiosities here is about as close as I’ll ever get to doing that. It’s also about as candid as it can get because there’s no middleman, which I see as being refreshing when it comes to fact verses fiction.


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