What was the effect on the snare, especially, and bass drum in ‘Red Guitar’ or was that a machine? Would you say something similar was used on the snare of the Gary Numan track called ‘Replicas’ (assuming you’ve heard the track and assuming that it’s a drum kit there as well)?

Red Guitar snare was recorded in a stone stairwell at Hansa Studios, Berlin. The reverb created by the snare in the stairwell was then fed through a Leslie Hammond organ rotary speaker which spins, giving a stereo effect. This was added to the snare sound to create what you can hear, a sort of breathy modulation (the fact that the snare spring was not applied to the snare helps to create a more smooth, rounded sound). Listening to the GN track you mentioned (which I’ve not heard before and I can see why you would ask) I think the snare processing is different – perhaps a flanger of some kind which makes a more synthetic sound suitable for his material – (the snare spring applied gives it a more metallic edge too), and it does sound performed rather than a machine. But… ask him.

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