Enquiring minds (who are tumblr-less) were wondering about the marimba part in Methods of Dance….”It sounds, to me anyway, very much like six marimbas by Steve Reich. I wonder if the band were aware of the piece?” Does it? And were you?

Good spotting. I had a few Steve Reich albums (music for 18 musicians was one of my favourites). When I came up with the marimba line on Methods Of Dance I wasn’t aware of it sounding like Mr Reich’s work (or if I was I’ve conveniently forgotten), but it was an appealing instrument sonically and being percussive added another element to the sequencing nature of the synth line as well as a melody line. There are repeats on the marimba so I played each line only once and it repeated automatically – obviously the timing of the playing is then pretty crucial for the repeats to stay in sync and that’ll be why I was nominated for the job initially.

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