Some drumming questions : Do you play heal-up or down on the kick ? Matched grip I assume ? I am ambidextrous to a degree but placing roto-toms /octabans and trigs etc…on the left side helped develop. With Japan live did you hear the sequence thru the phones or a click ? Or both I imagine ? Are able to feel the space between beats ? And also it’s more difficult to play slow than fast, agree ? The drum beats on Pulling Punches are still exciting better than hitting 2/4 throughout. A fave. -m

Heal up. Matched grip. Sequence and click as you imagined. Not sure what you mean regarding feeling the space between beats but the space between beats is the essence. I find playing slow easier and more expressive. Pulling Punches, when you make a decision to place the first snare beat between the one and two it calls for commitment in terms of arrangement. That push drives the track and with the guitars and brass complimenting it works well. If I imagine the snare on beat 2 the track would fall rather flat.

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