What do you think Japan and others (or just yourself) would be like if it were placed in the current time?

If you mean us being in our teens in 2015 and just starting out? … it’s a complex question and I find it impossible to imagine. Our connection with music was borne out of a need to sidestep the society we were in at that time which was very different to now. There was plenty of suppression and angst which I don’t think is as prevalent anymore(?) and that put fuel on the fire to explore the alternatives we so wanted to discover. Travelling across London from south to north most evenings after work (or in my case school) to rehearse as a band and learn our ‘craft’ above a butcher’s shop in Holloway. It was that naive belief and determination, that enthusiasm to be ‘players’, which propelled us and formed our approach to making music. The lack of technology and access to equipment also contributed to the sound of course. To put all that in today’s context, I really couldn’t guess. I suppose the best one could do is look at current bands whose approach to work centres around musicianship and exploring arrangement as opposed to commercial songwriting, and I’m sure there are quite a few out there that do it much better than we ever did.

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