Hi Steve, I was so happy when I saw your birthday selfie! I was wondering, are you a professional player of the typewriter or were you just pretending for the Bamboo Music video? ;^)

Haha yes right, I was taking down every word! To answer that question properly you should know the back story … without getting too technical. For that song I used the infamous Linn drum machine, but instead of programming it with the rhythm parts and syncing it to tape so that it played itself (as it was designed to do) I decided to play it in real time, which meant tapping buttons for each sound (drums, claps etc), as the track played, which if you can imagine wasn’t too dissimilar to tapping a typewriter. In hindsight I’m not sure why I was even asked to appear in the video but since I was, I had to do something and perhaps it was the prospect of performing with a drum machine that prompted other, more visually interesting ideas (sweet jeezus the 80′s) to be suggested. I wholly accept your mocking like a warm embrace from the gentle, forgiving generation that you are!

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