Hey Steve, I’ve just finished the excellent A Foreign Place by Anthony Reynolds. The interviews added so much to the story and was like a time machine taking me back to the disbelief and sadness I felt at Japan splitting. I’m mostly over that now. Maybe. Nick Huckle’s sudden disappearance and never seeing any of the band again was a sad and surprising part of the story and I wanted to give him a big hug, and I’m really not a tactile person. At all. Any plans for a reunion? Cheers, Shane

With Nick? No we’re not in touch although it would be nice to see him one day. There wasn’t a conscious decision not to see him anymore, he ultimately only worked for David in the later years so it was a natural progression that we saw less of him, and it was his own decision to do a runner for whatever reason. I’ve always considered him an independent person even when he worked for the band.

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