Besides the trouble you and David caused at school with the wearing of makeup, etc., have to admit am curious did you and your siblings get up to much misbehaviour growing up? If so, any particular anecdote/s or tidbits you could share with us?

Our school wouldn’t even allow hair to touch the collar, there’s no way wearing make-up would have even been contemplated. If you broke the hair rule you were given a warning to sort it out by the following week, failure to do so resulted in being sent home and told not to return until corrected. The parents would then march us off to the barbers. To be honest there were probably a variety of teachers at that school who would have paid good money to have boys wear make-up in their private time, such is the hypocrisy of it all, and just so typical of that period when men who didn’t deserve to even be breathing the same air, were demanding your respect and punishing you if they didn’t get it. It wasn’t until long after leaving school that wearing any amount of make-up became a thing.

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