In his book, Mick shared details of early rehearsals, of the early ’70s, in fact. He included some photos of the three of you where you’re basically children, especially you. David has mentioned songs you and he wrote from this era as well, very folky, two-chord songs. What are some memories you have of this early creative period, if you don’t mind? Were any of those songs and/or rehearsals recorded, perhaps on portable tape recorders, and if so could you ever be persuaded to release them?

David and I had a few songs on the go but I would have only been about 12 or 13 and there aren’t any surviving recordings from that far back. Mick joined us when I started to play drums at 14 (which is around the time of that photo you’ve mentioned) but it wasn’t until we were a four piece that rehearsal recordings were made which have survived. There’s little chance anything would ever get officially released.

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