Were you feeling yourself totaly comfortable, when Japan sound put categories like “New Romantic, New Wave or Art Rock..?” Did you ever think, Japan is a “New Romantic or Art Rock” band… If you try to describe what you did at the 80s, what you wanted to say about classic, true, pure Japan sound? Thank you…

Bands don’t tend to categorise themselves, it’s generally what the industry needs to do in order to market a product and target an audience. Anything beyond the basic ‘rock’ ‘pop’ ‘jazz’ etc isn’t really describing the musical origins, it’s more to do with fashion and trend, which is in essence popular culture, which means by definition it’s just ‘pop’. But that doesn’t really tell you anything does it? Pigeon-holing bands isn’t going to make you understand their origins any better, it’s just a means of marketing.

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