Hi Steve. I`ve always wondered why yourself and David decided to change your surnames legally rather than just use Jansen/Sylvian as `showbiz` names, like Bowie/Jones ? Were your parents upset at the time ? My sister merely took a middle name off legally, and it caused ructions for years in our family. To be fair, it was `Florence` she had removed, as the Magic Roundabout jokes were wearing very thin :-/

I think it made things a lot simpler in terms of travel and contracts and it was a very easy process to go through, costing 50 old pence. We were also pretty keen to do something different as we were all about metamorphosis at that age. I think our parents were upset but were probably quite numb towards the level of offence we’d managed to instil by that time. They were pretty keen to get their lives back and move to the West country. Once that distance had been established they could settle into their lives and find a better capacity to understand what their kids chose to go through, despite it being so different from their generation. Middle names are rather superfluous. David and I ditched those as well.

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