Hi Steve :) I am 19 and very much enjoy past music, mainly from the 70’s/80’s, more than anything recent. I do like some things but not as much as from then, I just don’t feel the same kind of ‘connection’ to it. How do you feel the evolution of music from that time has changed the way it’s put together, the way people perceive it and how it’s publicised and do you feel that the way music is put out now is better or worse than back then or do you think it’s simply another way of doing things?

I think there are good and bad from all eras. Music has been incredibly transformed by technology though, comparable to the way in which cinema has changed. So much is simulated. We have the most incredible tools now and there are some wonderfully creative people out there putting them to good use, and others that use them with no imagination whatsoever, but then hasn’t that always been the case? – just a different set of tools.

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