Hello Steve! It’s such a pleasure to be able to speak to you. I’ve a question: A while ago,in an interview, you mentioned that you’ve always preferred facially strong images. When I paint/draw I have also preferred drawing people. Looking at faces, and seeing their thoughts. I think that emotions are some of the most beautiful things to have. The fact that organisms like ourselves can take in a part of this universe, is itself amazing. Why do you prefer to take these images? Has this changed?

Doesn’t have to be facially strong, I think human content in general provides an emotional connection and it instills a sense of romanticism. By way of example, the image ‘Escaping The Room’ (somewhere below on these pages), can work as just a chair in a room seemingly stark and moody, but with the tiny image on the TV screen showing a person scaling the stairs, a title is suggested, and from there a whole other perspective is evoked from what would have been a very ordinary moment in a hotel room. That’s what I like about photography, it’s quite removed from the truth of the moment.

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