Hiya Steve. Do you sometimes think its a bit strange and maybe unnatural that other people seem more interested in things you did 35 years ago than you are yourself? Thats not a criticism of anyone, but dont you ever think ‘oh blimey, dont bring that up again’ regarding some projects that didnt turn out how youd have liked them too?

When you’ve published recordings throughout your lifetime it’s not too unusual to expect people to have a certain curiosity, not just about the work but also about the people behind the work. An artist is usually most in touch with his latest work but that doesn’t mean the public is, especially when it comes to more commercially successful releases, not to mention any retrospective aspect that might draw a younger audience. Whether I personally like older recordings or not is irrelevant. There was a time when one assumed many things were thankfully buried for good, but then along came the internet. That’s been a good thing because now I see the context more clearly, and the other parallels to be drawn upon. I feel less disturbed now by the past than I did pre-internet.

I chose Tumblr because of its visually biased content. A byproduct of that was the Q&A element, enabling conversations to occur but with limitations over content (Facebook is a disaster in that respect I think). Communication in the past has usually been through the media and that is one of the very worst ways of being represented. Speaking directly, without a middle person, is refreshing. I try to answer most questions, (some are responded to privately if they’re not suitable blog material) so that ultimately it might provide a decent source of information for people wanting to gather more background, either by reading or asking.

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