You’ve answered questions about Doctor Who before, so I figured one more won’t hurt. Nicky Wire from the Manics once talked about his abortive attempt at writing a Doctor Who episode – it involved the Doctor travelling to New York, meeting Dylan Thomas and fighting a giant alien dragon (or something). So, what would a Steve Jansen-penned episode of Doctor Who involve?

No historical characters or CGI wars please, that’s the antithesis of a good episode. We require a script worthy of creating tension, not relying on music or special affects. Something sinister and isolated. Alien life forms wouldn’t even have to be visible let alone related to tiresome characters from the Who repertoire. They need to be thinking outside of the (police) box. Each season of episodes should be by a different writer whose main criteria is to be progressive with the format and make it both unpredictable and entertaining. Anyone would think it’s for kids.

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