‘Swing’ is a favourite track for many reasons. “She’ll say the weather’s dim” line’s astoundingly recontextualised Swing Era, ever-exciting and ever-fresh to these ears. Also it’s certainly one of my favourite promo vids from the band, so relaxed and inspired, though not what imagined when first heard. You and Mick are particularly locked. Surely the beat gave birth to the track? You’ve any recollections from the vid shoot? You and David heard Swing Era music via parents and/or grandparents?

It’s all so very long ago, I don’t recall making the video other than I believe we did a couple in one day at the Rainbow Theatre one afternoon. I’m guessing here, but the initial ‘swing’ rhythm idea for the track might have come about from a rhythm box running on the Bosa Nova setting, which you can hear in the track.

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