Hi Steve, I’ve just been listening to some old bootlegs of the In Praise of Shamans tour 88. David expressed his dissatisfaction later saying it was too ambitious musically. For me there are some high points. Taking the Veil was amazing live as was Bullfight. Maidman clearly played well with you and the intro to Gone to Earth has a musical ‘jamming’ joy about it. Do you remember this tour fondly?

Relatively so. From what I remember I had my reservations about various aspects of it. I felt the excessive featuring of guitar and trumpet wasn’t so interesting musically, a bit too much in the way of free-style soloing (great players none the less but that’s just never been my thing). We mostly got along well enough, although Isham’s then recent launch into club scientology seemed to empower him with a certain aloofness towards those less gullible.

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