In reference to you Richard said in an interview that you’re the boffin, not him. I remember at the 1988 performance at Zellerbach Auditorium in Berkeley, CA, members of the band conferring with you at various times and you seeming to calm them down. My friends noticed as well. “Steve’s in charge” someone said to me. I’ve been curious if this has been one of your roles throughout various configurations, a role of go-to fellow re technical issues, one capable of extinguishing fires so to speak?

That’s an amusing observation as I generally feel I’m working relatively covertly in the background. In essence I am the boffin (I’ve always been ‘the computer guy’) and in the sense that I am usually running a Mac containing a lot of audio data that is being heard blended with the live band. It’s a bit like having the role of MC because I have charge of the running of the show and I can also take control over muting and level changes. There are also a few other things going on which only the band members wearing ear monitors will hear. Things have never gone drastically wrong but occasionally there might be a blip which means everyone will turn to me for confirmation of where we go with it. I guess from out front that appears more obvious that it does to us on stage.

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