‘My Winter’ has drawn me back to the ‘Catch The Fall’ album. It was usually my favourite track from that album but all the rest of the songs are full of subtleties and interesting details as well. Forgive me if this has already been discussed but what was the location of the ‘Shining’ promo video? Were there other Dolphin Brothers promos?

Don’t know where the video was shot. I think I just jumped in the back of a car and was taken there. I wasn’t at all happy to be making the video. I remember story-boarding an idea for it only for the director to ask me to have faith in his ideas. I agreed but asked to at least have it shot in 70mm film rather than flat video which always looked cheap. He seemed to get that and agreed however somewhere down the line it was sacrificed probably in the name of keeping within budget. My impression was that there was a keenness to enter into that lucrative world of pop video directing (ours might have been his first) and it was a case of bending over backwards to show Virgin it was all under control and within budget and that the artists were not going to interfere. After that experience I wasn’t interested in working on another video and probably neither were Virgin. But hey, he went on to win numerous Grammy
Awards so he must have had something worthwhile hiding up his sleeve.

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