Hi Steve. Firstly, I should say Tin Drum made me want to be a musician it was so original and inspiring, think I wore it out. I ended up living in Japan for 7 years too and know Iio Yoshifumi and met YMO. I’m shortly working with Loretta Heywood from Bomb the Bass and my question goes back to their track”Winter in July” which sampled I think, a Prophet V from “Ghosts” in the intro. Did you guys hear that? At the time, did you go..what the?! And your views on lifting such samples. Many thanks. K

I think that if you’re going to lift samples you should make it an artistically worthy cause. Nothing worse than a lifted sample sounding like a novelty as opposed to being musically adapted into something bigger.

I was probably made aware of the sample usage you mentioned but I don’t recall the way in which it was used.

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