I read many, many moons ago, that it was difficult keeping to time on the song “Blackwater”. Have I remembered correctly, and if so, what exactly was the difficulty?

That’s correct. ‘Blackwater’ started out very different musically and I wasn’t comfortable with the feel of it. At the time I felt it would have worked better without drums at all, (still do in fact .. something less busy for sure) since it was a very delicate song built upon ambient sounds and vague crescendoes and even the bass was fairly dull by Mick’s standards. I spent quite a while whittling the role down to brushes and dropping the swing element it had started out with. The kit was so exposed and close-mic’d against the gentle timbre of the song that I found it impossible to get an entire take that I was happy with. The band were getting increasingly agitated with me spending what little remained of the recording budget on a drum track, so in the end I took a bunch of samples of my playing on floppy discs (this was pre hard disk recording) and programmed the entire thing overnight on a Mac SE midi-triggering samples on an Akai S1000.

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