Hi, Mr. Jansen. Were you surprised to see Japan sharing the same younger fanbase with the likes of The Cure, Bauhaus, & Depeche Mode? 3 widely different artists that were also heavily criticized by the music press in their early years, but are well respected & creditable today. What do you think of this opposite effect & Japan now being perceived as “cool” as the aforementioned 3? What about Japan’s appeal amongst both the “serious” Post Punk/Gothic & “poppier” New Wave crowds? Thanks! Marion.

All the bands you’ve mentioned were around at the same time so it’s not too surprising they are being lumped together in a revival of some sort, but at least they are similar in the sense that they were all serious about their music and not lightweight pop of that time. I don’t think too much about trends though (post punk/gothic/new wave etc.) because they were labels of fashion trends more than musical content. Any bands that had hits were ‘popular’ by definition regardless of the label the press had slapped on them. When it comes to being ‘cool’ ideally it’s better to steer clear of popular trends and stay perched somewhere on the periphery. It’s a bit like the Queen not associating with any one political party, she wants longevity, not a term.

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