Hi Steve, In response to your last ask (which me and my DW fan friends totally agree with, it’s not really what it used to be!) Who’s your favourite actor to play the Doctor? Is it the classic Tom Baker or perhaps is it David Tennant, (who my friend’s username tennantbutt is named after, which is not a trepidatious condition) :-) Thanks! Alex

I’m really going to show my age here by opting for Peter Cushing. Always liked him, a stylish gentleman who brought quality to any role, (and his voice calms me) but he was only in the Dr. Who films of the 60′s, not the TV series. After him I would go for Matt Smith as he is the closest modern day equivalent, and Eccleston for the doctor with grit. Tennant was too slapstick for me, he is void of any gravitas, even when he tries to apply it in something like Broadchurch. If we were to apply the rule of; whoever can play Sherlock Holmes could play a good Dr. Who, (as Peter Cushing did) then of course Benedict Cumberbatch would be the ultimate, no? Or rather Cumberbutt.

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